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“Tony Kurtulan is a true business professional!”
Charlie Kiepper
“Tony and team understand real estate and how to get deals done. One on one attention the big guys can't give you.”
James Carter
“One word, persistence! Tony doesn't stop until the job is done”
Sade Horsebacker

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About Tony Kurtulan

Cre Investors multi family investments

Tony Kurtulan, a commercial leasing expert.

With 20 plus years in building businesses and professional sales, no one understands your commercial real estate needs like Tony Kurtulan. 

With a focus on commercial leasing, Tony Kurtulan can find you the perfect location to expand, downsize or start your business.

Negotiating the best terms on your lease and making sure your company has everything it needs to be successful in your new location. From Data Centers to industrial and office space,

Tony Kurtulan is your local area commercial leasing expert in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

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Commercial Building Services include:

Buying Multi-Family, Office, Industrial, Retail, Land and Mixed Used 

Selling Multi-Family, Office, Industrial, Retail, Land and Mixed Used

Leasing commercial space includes office, retail and industrial 


Commercial Real Estate Broker Services : Commercial Building Leasing Services

A great guide and example of the type of help we can give our clients looking for commercial leasing space in DFW. Commercial Real Estate Agents and even real estate brokers can also use this as a guide for finding commercial property to lease for their clients. Listing brokers and commercial brokers alike can also use this document.

Office space and industrial space are the top two types of commercial property in Richardson Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Commercial Real Estate

Criteria Helpful for Driving Customers and Sales:

Location is visible from the street. If not, has large, street-side “pylon” or “monument” signage.

Has adequate lighting on exterior of building and parking lot.

Clear and visible building signage from the street or parking lot entrance. No unreasonable sign restrictions.

High traffic counts.

At an intersection (traffic light) with parking lot accessible from both streets is a plus.

Can you read the business signs while driving by?

Easy parking lot ingress and egress.

Complementary business neighbors like home improvement stores, competitors, furniture stores, etc.

High-traffic business neighbors. 

Location can handle deliveries from a full-size trailer.

Dedicated entrance for contractors.

Convenient parking. At least five dedicated spaces or perceived to be dedicated in front of main entrance. Parking ratio of 14-17 or more spaces per tenant.

End location of a strip center with a side entrance a plus.

If a retail center, high occupancy rate a plus. Brand new centers can be difficult if they won’t be full for months.

No extraordinary lease restrictions. Ability to protect core products in lease stipulation (other tenants).

Criteria Helpful for Efficiency and Shopping Experience:

2,400 to 3,000 square feet. Footprint is 20%-30% deeper than it is wide.

Single story, nearly level to parking lot preferred. Stairs present challenges. Curb cut very helpful for deliveries, moving pallets. 

Few permanent obstructions inside (columns, partitions, etc.).

No threat of exterior flooding, river bank or flood zone.

Rear of building accessible for deliveries and contractors a plus. Loading dock a plus. Avoid awnings and low overhangs for ease of delivery

Five foot wide door or more needed at delivery entrance. Roll-up/garage door for deliveries is optimal. With a larger foot print location a garage door could provide garage space for the delivery van to be stored inside at night (prevent theft and freezing of product that’s stored in the van for early morning deliveries).

Most pallets are 4’x4’x4’ in size and weigh roughly 1500-2000 per pallet. Paint weighs roughly 10lbs per gallon

Double wide door entrance in front or side of building if no separate delivery entrance.

Plenty of unobstructed windows in the store front preferred. Greater than 70% of the store front is desirable.

Ceiling height greater than 12 feet preferred.

Restroom(s) near to rear of the space, meets code. Two restrooms preferred (one for customers, one for employees).Restrooms likely will need to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements

Ample electrical outlets and power circuits for sales counter and for tinting & shaking area.

Internal walls are studded and sheet-rocked rather than block (easier to paint and attach fixtures, etc.).

Ample wall space, walls without obstructions.

Open truss (dark gray or black) or drop-tile ceiling preferred.

HVAC: Landlord minimum 1 ton per 300 square feet of floor space

Please check out our podcast DFWspeaks Podcast with Tony Kurtulan and Cherie Voise, where we discuss being a commercial real estate broker here in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas with Rogers Healy and Associates Commercial.

The podcast covers many topics all centered around entrepreneurship and community in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. We release at least one show per week but most weeks we have at least 2 to 3 shows we post.


A commercial real estate broker is a professional who specializes in helping clients buy, sell, or lease properties that are used for commercial purposes. This can include office buildings, retail spaces, industrial properties, and other types of commercial real estate. The broker’s job is to assist clients in finding the right property that meets their needs, and to negotiate the terms of the sale or lease on their behalf.


In order to become a commercial real estate broker, an individual must typically have a real estate license, which requires completing a certain amount of education and passing a state-administered exam. In addition to this, many brokers also have a college degree in a field such as business or real estate, and may have additional certifications or specializations.


Once they are licensed, commercial real estate brokers must maintain their knowledge of the market and industry by staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments. This may involve attending conferences and seminars, networking with other professionals, and keeping an eye on economic indicators and other factors that can impact the commercial real estate market.


The work of a commercial real estate broker typically begins when a client comes to them with a specific need, such as the desire to buy or lease a property. The broker will then help the client identify potential properties that meet their requirements, and will provide information about the properties, including their location, size, and features.


Once a property has been selected, the broker will work with the client to negotiate the terms of the sale or lease. This can involve discussing the price, the length of the lease, any repairs or improvements that need to be made to the property, and any other factors that may impact the transaction. The broker will also help the client navigate the legal and financial aspects of the transaction, such as reviewing contracts and working with lenders or investors.


In addition to helping clients buy or sell commercial real estate, brokers may also provide a range of other services. These can include property management, where the broker oversees the day-to-day operations of a property on behalf of the owner; consulting, where the broker provides advice on market trends, property values, and other factors; and appraisal, where the broker determines the value of a property for various purposes.


Overall, the work of a commercial real estate broker can be challenging and demanding, but it can also be very rewarding. By helping clients navigate the complex world of commercial real estate, brokers can play a vital role in supporting the growth and success of businesses and organizations.


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