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Commercial Agent and Broker Tony Kurtulan leads TonyK Commercial with 30 plus years of business, investor and professional sales experience. 

Client needs focused and data driven approach delivers trusted results in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

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Why Choose Tony Kurtulan?

Tony Kurtulan spent the last 30 years building 10 companies, selling over $170+ Million in multiple industries.  Tony has been a tenant, real estate investor and a landlord so he understands the process, concerns and solutions.

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Our goal is to work to be your trusted partner in commercial real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas.  

Your trusted advisor for tenant representation, CRE Investors and Commercial 

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Commercial Agent Dallas Tx

My name is Tony Kurtulan, and I am a commercial real estate broker.  

It is essential to work with someone that understands the impact they have on your business and life. It is my purpose to make sure you are in the correct location, have the traffic, and the demographics that fit your target customers.  If you are an entrepreneur and you need a commercial space, contact me today to get the process started

I specialize in buying, selling, and leasing of commercial real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.  I provide commercial real estate services to business owners, investors, developers, and commercial property owners with the goal of building long relationships built on results and consistency. Doing tenant representation, working with CRE Investors and commercial real estate listings (buying and selling) are the primary areas of my commercial real estate brokerage services.

My own negative experience with commercial agents motivated me to make a change. The commercial agents I worked with just didn’t connect well with me, whether they were not fully engaged as a commercial agent, doing both residential and commercial, or lacked the experience as a business owner and couldn’t understand my true needs as an entrepreneur.  With me being 100% committed to commercial real estate full time, it provides an edge when looking for a space to buy or lease for your business. 

I help my commercial real estate clients define their needs and goals when they are looking to lease, I am a tenant presentation broker or help with tenant rep. When buying or leasing a property it is important to understand the use of the property which plays a big part in finding the perfect fit.  If our client is selling, our process flushes out all the important information like equity, debt, expectations, and timetable. 

I bring a persistent entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on experience as a business owner, commercial real estate broker (commercial agent) and real estate investor.  My experience in multiple business verticals helps me understand the concerns a business owner might have when looking to buy or lease.  

Our Team

Our team accounts for over 75+ years of commercial real estate and business experience.  We have the experience to mitigate problems no matter the size or complexity of the deal we are working on.  With experts in leasing, buying, and selling, our team provides the expertise and flexibility you need in commercial real estate transactions.  The clients most likely to benefit the most from our services are business owners, investors, developers, property owners who are looking to buy, sell or want to lease a commercial property.  Unlike residential real estate, commercial deals require a deeper dive including property and financial due diligence.


Commercial Agent Dallas TX - Tony Kurtulan

Our Service by Property Type

Below you will find the service categories and the type of commercial property we can help you with.  We break down the property type within each section’s page found under our services section.  Each property category and type comes with its risks, advantages, and considerations that need to be examined properly before moving forward.  

Purchase and Sale of Commercial Properties






Senior Living



Mixed-Use Planned

Loopnet is like Zillow for commerical properties. Loopnet is used for listing, marketing and selling commercial properties. Loopnet doesn't give a deep dive into market conditions and property research. 

So Loopnet is not a bad choice when looking for commercial property but all data should be validate with you commerical agent, who should have access to the deeper dive data you need.

Costar focuses on helping users research properties and understand market conditions, while LoopNet's main purpose is to assist in the listing, marketing, and selling of properties

Commercial Real Estate Services 

These are the major areas of service a commercial real estate broker provides:

The commercial real estate services we provide include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Listings - Selling & Purchasing Commercial Real Estate 
  • Tenant Representation | Leasing Services 
  • CRE Investors Commercial Real Estate Investor Services 


We have a defined process with each service category to provide accountability and transparency when working with us.  For the selling and purchase process, there are 12-14 steps which are discussed in further detail in our services sections labeled selling and purchasing.  Our leasing services process is broken down into 6 steps which take our clients from the discovery phase through the signing of the lease.  Within our commercial real estate investment services, it involves the buying and selling of properties so we adhere to the similar 12-14 step process mentioned above with some subtle changes as needed. 

A good commerical real estate broker does several things:

  1. Listen to your needs
  2. Provides all the data needed 
  3. Understands the local market data
  4. Has access to the real commercial data base
  5. Knows how to negotiate the best terms for you
  6. Is always studying the commercial real estate market
  7. Has the business experience
  8. Access to a experience team 
  9. Full time commercial agent
  10. Answers the phone when you call 

My enthusiasm for building the communities around me led to my passion for helping entrepreneurs with their commercial real estate. As I mentioned, I've been a serial entrepreneur for the last 20 years.  In this time I have built, invested and ran multiple businesses in various verticals including information technology services to construction of a retail store.  

A great example of why I saw a need to get into commercial real estate started when I was looking for a space for a party store I was opening with some partners.  Our commercial real estate agent rushed us through the process without doing the proper due diligence.  This resulted in us ending up in a location that didn’t fit our target customer base and didn’t have the traffic we needed to be successful.  We had to close the doors just one year into the project.  When picking your commercial agent make sure they take the time to understand your business and the type of location you need to make your business thrive.  

Commercial real estate and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.  The definition of being an entrepreneur would surprise most people but not me.  Being an entrepreneur is taking an enormous risk for a product or service you believe solves a problem people are willing to pay for.  Enormous risk?  Yes, because of the competition and a bad location it will kill your business fast.  Most people don’t understand the level of risk, that’s why they open a business and sleep in till 9 am.

Part of this risk of running a business is whether the location is good for business.  As people say location, location, location when asked what is important to them.  The success of your business is tied directly to where you do business.  With my access to the updated market data, I will be able to narrow my search to a select few properties that fit your criteria.  It is important that I put your business in the best scenario to succeed, so we will negotiate terms and prices that put you in the optimal position to be successful.


Leasing Services - Property Owner & Tenant (User) Representation

I understand the challenges and concerns when trying to find the perfect location for your company to thrive.  Because of my background, I specialize in finding the optimal location for your business to lease and operate out of. 







Commercial Real Estate Investor Services 


Property Sales & Acquisition 

Site Selection

Site Analysis 

Property Due Diligence

Financial Feasibility Analysis

Risk Analysis

Repositioning / Redevelopment of Strategic Properties

Adaptive Reuse

Negotiating Strategies

Economic Analysis


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